Thank You Mike Sherman

Image Courtesy TheBattOnline

I want to thank Mike Sherman for his service to Texas A&M University over the past 4 years.  He recruited and developed players with character and did things the right way.  Unfortunately he wasn’t able to produce the necessary results on the field, especially given the talent on the team this year.

Coach Sherman took over a team in disarray.  This was evidenced last year, when only 4 starters on offense and defense combined were seniors.  He showed improvement in his 2nd and 3rd seasons, and with a pre-season top 10 ranking  2011 was poised to be the best Texas A&M Football season since 1998.

Then the season started, and the team blew 17 and 18 point halftime leads against Oklahoma State and Arkansas.  This trend would continue throughout the season, 5 times blowing double digit leads.  The only game the team really deserved to lose was at Oklahoma.  Coach Sherman seemed to always coach with an NFL mindset, tightening up with a lead, and that doesn’t really translate to the college game.

I don’t disagree with the decision to fire Coach Sherman.  I was actually still on the Sherman bandwagon until the Missouri loss.  After the home loss to Texas, I had decided not to renew my season tickets unless a change was made.  I’m glad the administration was able to make such a difficult decision, especially with all of the change going on with the move to the SEC.

Coach Sherman has certainly left the program in a much better place than when he arrived.  I will not be surprised to see him on the sidelines of an NFL team next year.

One thought on “Thank You Mike Sherman

  1. Gary

    I agree 100%. Sherman is a man of character and he built a team of character. These are rare traits these days, and I wish him all the best.



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