Cowboys Quick Hits – 2011 Week 11 @ Washington

Dez Bryant Scores a Touchdown in the First Quarter

Here are my quick hits from the game:

  • Cowboys definitely tried to establish the run early.  6 of the 9 plays on the Cowboys first drive were running plays.  Even so, they were never able to establish a solid running game.
  • Where is Dez Bryant?  Again, he has no impact after the first quarter.  I think he is the most talented player on the Cowboys roster, but he just disappears.  (OK, I typed this before his big overtime catch to convert on 3rd down and get the Cowboys into field goal range)
  • It never felt like the Cowboys were winning.  Even when they were up by 10 in the first half, it always felt like they were behind.  They just never seemed to be playing very well.
  • Sean Lee continues to be a stud.  He may not have had any game changing plays, but he led the team in tackles with 10.
  • Sensabaugh also has a great game.  Second on the team in tackles with 9, and had the big fumble recovery.  He’s been better this year than I expected.
  • Martellus Bennet had his best game of the season.  3 catches for 31 yards, the most receptions and yards he’s had in a game this season.  At least the ball never went off of his facemask into a defender’s arms.  What a disappointment.
  • Have the Cowboys finally found themselves a kicker?  Or is this another Nick Folk?  Dan Bailey is now 25/26 for the season on field goals including a game winning 39 yarder in overtime today.
It wasn’t the best game the Cowboys have played, but right now I’ll take a W any way I can get it.  I guess I have to pull for the Vince Young led Eagles tonight.  Yay.


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