Dallas Cowboys Quick Hits – Game 3 (2011)

Here are my initial reactions to the game last night.  I would have posted them last night, but I got a concussion when I was hit in the head by an errant snap from Phil Costa.

  1. Tony Romo has turned a corner.  He may not have had the best line last night, but the adjustments he made and his ability to be a coach on the field were tremendous.  I don’t think anyone can argue now that he isn’t a leader.
  2. Martellus Bennett has had enough chances.  He can’t catch a ball over an undersized defender, and he continuously is called for untimely penalties.  While it pains me as an Aggie to say this, it is time to replace him with John Phillips.
  3. Sean Lee is a player man.  A nice interception, the game clinching fumble recovery, 8 tackles and 2 passes defended.  31 tackles on the season.  Why didn’t he play more last year?
  4. The Cowboys have themselves a kicker.  6 made field goals for Bailey, and all of them were solid.  Do they really need to continue carrying 2 kickers on the roster?
  5. The lack of depth is still a major concern on this team.  I didn’t even know who half of the WRs were out there.  And they didn’t know where to line up or where to go.  I’ve never seen an NFL team look so lost just because their #1 WR was out.
  6. Jason Garrett.  I really don’t have a comment for Garrett other than to say it is difficult to judge him on this one.  I suppose the biggest criticism would be that he didn’t have the backups prepared, so it looked like an episode of Green Acres on offense.
  7. What the hell, Phil Costa?  4 premature snaps?  I know he said the defense was barking out the calls, but doesn’t that always happen?  He could have cost them the game if Romo wasn’t able to save his ass several times.
  8. Felix Jones looked like he might have found something after halftime.  He made a few good cuts that I think he missed making in the 1st half and found some burst.  I know the holes haven’t been there, but he has had some opportunities to make something out of nothing, and hasn’t been taking advantage of them.
While I’m happy my Dallas Cowboys got their victory, that was one of the ugliest games I’ve watched in a long time.  Between the injuries on the Cowboys offense, the total discombobulation of the Cowboys wide receivers, and the 4 premature snaps by Costa, that was hard to watch.
I’ll leave you with this parting thought.  What do you think a conversation between Jason Garrett and Rob Ryan sounds like?

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