I Guess We Can Call Him Pacman Again

Seriously, how can a guy be this stupid?

Cowboys cornerback Adam Jones placed his status with the NFL in jeopardy by getting involved in an altercation early Wednesday morning at a Dallas hotel.

According to Dallas police, Jones hit his bodyguard, Tommy Jones, at the Joule hotel. The bodyguard, police said, declined to press charges.

Let me get this straight.  You were reinstated about 2 months ago after a 1 year suspension.  Your career could be ended with 1 more incident, and you get in a fight with your own bodyguard?  So much for changing your ways.

Also, as Troy Aikman pointed out this morning, what does this say about your bodyguard?  Isn’t the bodyguard supposed to be a person that everyone fears, and nobody wants to mess with?

I’m still not against the Cowboys trading for him.  If he screws up again, they really aren’t out anything.  It would just go down as a failed experiment.

2 thoughts on “I Guess We Can Call Him Pacman Again

  1. chris Post author

    If Pac misses any games due to on-field behavior, Jerry gets his #1 pick back from the Titans.

    He has set this up so that he gets to a) keep Pac and b) get his draft pick back.


  2. mike Post author

    Interesting idea there, Chris. Get PacMan to do something that will get him suspended only 1 game (and during the easiest stretch of the season, no less), and keep your #1 pick. The fact that the altercation was with a bodyguard hired by the Cowboys gives your theory a lot of merit.




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