Cowboys Quick-Hits (Week 5)

The Dallas Cowboys have played 5 games, are 4-1, and that somehow has landed them 3rd place in the NFC East. This is probably the most competitive division the NFL has had in years, and Dallas is going to have to pick things up if they want to win it. Here are my thoughts after Week 5:

  1. The offense doesn’t look sharp.  Mostly, Tony Romo doesn’t look sharp.  He’s had a lot of overthrows, and needs to do a better job protecting the ball.  I know he likes to take risks, and with those risks often come big rewards, but you can’t win big games if you turn the ball over more than your opponent.
  2. Felix Jones needs more touches.  I watched the Redskins game wondering the entire time, “Where is Felix Jones?”.  We saw again what happens when he gets the ball.  He takes a 4th and 4 and turns it into a 33 yard touchdown.  Let Barber soften them up, then Felix can run all over them.
  3. As I said before, T.O. can complain all he wants after a loss, as long as he keeps saying the right things after a win.
  4. Pacman Adam Jones needs to learn how to catch.  Apparently said he’ll be hitting the JUGGS machine this week.  Lets just hope those are the only “jugs” he’ll be hitting.
  5. I enjoy the Jay Ratliff scream after stuffing a play.  That man can play nose tackle.

Now they get Arizona, St. Louis, and Tampa Bay.  I know AZ and TB both have winning records, but the Cowboys should come up with 3 wins in tne next 3 games.

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