I Actually Feel Sorry For Terrell Owens

I gotta say, I agree with T.O. The media is just killing him. Before the Eagles MNF game, they played an interview. It was obvious that he was being asked questions, but they were only showing his responses, not the questions being asked. They showed a clip where he was clearly asked about his relationship with McNabb. He answered it very well, not really criticizing McNabb, but still telling part of the story.

They cut back to the studio, and Keyshawn starts ripping T.O. because he won’t let go, and he is still talking about McNabb. Dude, when you ask a guy about McNabb, he is obviously going to talk about McNabb! It only makes it worse that the criticism comes from the one of the worst team players in the history of the NFL, who happened to be cut because of the arrival of T.O. I wish that someone would call him out one day. Honestly, how does this guy become the expert on how to be a team player?

Now, they are blowing T.O.’s comments about wanting the ball more out of proportion. Every great receiver wants the ball more!!! Did he complain when he got 2 catches in a win? No. He complained after a loss.

I hate to be a T.O. apologist, but it has been driving me crazy.

3 thoughts on “I Actually Feel Sorry For Terrell Owens

  1. Mario Post author

    Here’s a thought, and someone (I forget who) brought this up on TV but didn’t really expand on it…

    Has anyone noticed that T.O. seems like someone who pathologically must answer every question asked of him? Kind of like Ron Burgundy and the teleprompter? He never says “that’s not really something I should comment on” or “I can’t talk about that right now”. He is psychologically compelled to answer anything asked to him. What did it, a hypnosis session gone bad? A traumatic childhood? A hidden addiction to Sodium amobarbital? It sounds ludicrous at first, but I see no evidence to the contrary…

    And T.O. has been nothing but a good teammate on the field, see the block for F.Jones or the tackle after the pick in the Green Bay game.

    I like me some T.O.


  2. strangeHeather

    Well, Mario, I guess I have the same affliction. Any question asked directly to me I will answer. That’s just how I’m wired. Or maybe I had me some bad hypnosis. You’ll never know, but that’s a pretty out-there claim that there’s something wrong with him for answering questions. If he didn’t answer, then he’d be being evasive, and that’s never good.


  3. Mario Post author

    Yes Heather, me too mostly, but we’re real and normal people. And even we have instances where we don’t answer because we don’t want to talk about it. T.O. not answering would be evasive, perhaps, but we’re talking about a different world. We’re talking about the brutal world of sports/media.

    If you or I lived in that world, we’d learn to adapt. That adaptation includes some evasiveness – for a purpose. Brad Pitt for example probably did like all of us and smiled the first few times he had his picture taken by a photographer in public. Now smiling is the last thing he wants to do.

    Imagine someone is always in your face with a microphone asking you about the chemistry and teamwork of the place you work at. Same questions every day – they’re baiting you. Which is more preferable, to be open about it all or to evade? Which will be more harmful to the workplace if there really is a problem? Which might actually be expected of you?

    In that instance, it probably would be indicative of some problem if we simply couldn’t avoid compulsively answering provocative and potentially harmful questions. One thing T.O. is not is a stupid man. He knows the effects of answering those questions. He also knows that in the sports world, evasiveness in an interview is accepted, normal and at times preferred behavior.



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