Why can’t we emulate this?

I’ve been getting more and more into football.  And by football I mean the global definition, not our regional one.  American sports have a lot of exciting moments.  There’s the World Series, the Final Four, the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup Playoffs etc.  However, other than championship games or playoff runs, some of the best excitement is during David vs. Goliath encounters like Boise St. over ZeroU a few years back.

We are lacking one other thing that could add the David and Goliath factor and make sports much more exciting in this country – a relegation/promotion system.  I love that about the football leagues.  MANкомпютри I wish we could have that.  No more tanking seasons for draft picks (and the lotteries this causes).  No more MLB payrolls less than what superstars make by themselves.

I realize we don’t have such an amazing minor league structure right now to emulate it 100%.  So maybe we could do this – if your team finishes last place, you’re on “warning”.  Finish last place the next year or maybe the next two?  You’re relegated.  Bye!  Don’t let the door hit you.  And don’t worry, you’ll get a chance for promotion back up, if you care to start putting in some effort.

How nice would it be to get rid of some of the suck-ass teams in professional leagues and replace them with lesser-known squads with owners that actually give a damn and want to win?!  How nice would it be to see the Fort Worth Cats (first team that came to mind) get a shot at the major leagues?  Insert your local minor league team name here.  At the very least, it would generate a lot more interest…

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