Offseason player targets – Mavs

From an Eddie Sefko article, a list of possible offseason acquisitions for the Mavs. A sampling below, with my comments:

Jason Richardson – yes, please
Gerald Wallace – didn’t he just sign a long-term deal?
Corey Maggette – meh…
Ron Artest – please no
C.J. Miles – a diamond in the rough?
Eduardo Najera – so Corby can resurrect the song

Flotsam and jetsam fill out the list: Matt Barnes, Pietrus, Earl Barron, various other bargains, eggs, beans, and five.

9 thoughts on “Offseason player targets – Mavs

  1. mario

    How can you “meh” Corey Maggette?! I would kill to get that guy. Jason Richardson would be great, and I’d like to add (if you can get him on the cheap as a reclamation project) BIRDMAN ANDERSON!!


  2. chris Post author

    What is up with the obsession with the Birdman? Josh Hamilton is doing fantastic in D/FW…should we push our luck?

    I honestly don’t know a whole lot about Maggette. On the other hand, I’ve seen Jason Richardson kill us with regularity. And, J-Ho is from North Carolina, so maybe a trade back to Charlotte would make sense?


  3. chris Post author

    To be clearer: what I know of Maggette hasn’t made any huge impression on me, let’s put it that way. Cuban has a blog post up from this week. Says they turned down a deal from the Clips at the deadline…no names mentioned, but who could it have been?


  4. Mario Post author

    The Birdman thing has everything to do with the one thing they all say Dallas lacks – athleticism. Plus you can probably get him for a vente latte.

    Also, I know it’s hard to watch the Clips on a regular basis, and even if they were on it’s still hard. However – when I last watched Mavs-Clips, Maggette was the only guy worth anything on the court who wasn’t born in Germany. He was slashing to the basket and getting to the foul line – imagine that for the Mavs.

    Devil’s advocate says maybe the deadline deal was Chris Kaman (sp?)


  5. chris

    But…explain to me why you are so high on Andersen’s athleticism. As I recall, he was a marginal player to begin with. Why do you believe he’s the magic elixir after two years of inactivity following hard drug use?


  6. Mario Post author

    As you recall? I don’t know which Birdman you were looking at, but he was very above-average athletically the few times I saw him. Who knows, maybe those nights he was hopped up on crystal meth?? That might be the reason as opposed to talent.

    I never said he brings us a magic elixir or a championship. I would just like to see for a change a guy here who can jump out of the gym, and that’s what I saw from the Birdman. At the very least he might be the cheapest option to try to get that kind of guy.

    Find me another guy, even a gamble like BA, that we can get so cheap and I’ll swing my support to him rather than continually beating you down with the Birdman. I can tell it’s a bit irritating, so that’s just motivation to continue 🙂


  7. Mario Post author

    Yes. Of course, to do that, you actually have to be IN the dunk contest, which I don’t recall any Mav doing recently and in itself demonstrates some atheticism.



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