Duh-duh DALLAS duh STARS!

Oh ye masses of the unwashed, lend me now your ears, your hearts and your minds.  I am here to tell of the great and glorious journey that will be legend in due tyme.

Ye know not, most of ye, that of which I speak.  I will now tell you the tale of the mighty giant-killers, the Dallas Stars.

Seriously though, count me among those who stayed up deliriously until well past one in the morning on a Sunday night/Monday morning for the result of the Stars-Sharks series finale.  If you have not been watching this playoff ride, you really need to.  Let me be brutally honest – playoff basketball is fun, don’t get me wrong.  When the Mavs were in it, I had a ball watching the entirety of games.  However, you just plain can’t live and die with every shot.  You know there are going to be runs, going to be peaks and valleys, and that the game will usually be decided in the last two minutes.

Someone told me that once, during the Mavs heyday, that they don’t care for the NBA playoffs, due to the whole “all you need to watch is the last 2:00” thing.  I laughed, thought it folly, and dismissed them with some offence taken.

Then I watched a real playoff game.  Mind you, the Mavs playoff games were huge.  But looking back, they were all at their height during… the final two minutes.  Have you ever wondered why the euros are so into football (soccer to you and I)?  I think I know now.  At any moment in a game like that, there can be one mistake, one lucky bounce, one spectacular play that can swing the game and drive daggers into the hearts of men.  That’s how I’ve been feeling watching the Stars.  And in a game like Sunday night, it can go from enthralling edge-of-your-seat action during regulation, to sheer heart attack-inducing, take-your-breath-away human emotional madness.  They have a great goaltender.  They have cool beards (sometimes).  They have a badass theme song recorded by local legends.  And to top things off, they’re actually WINNING!

So watch the Western Conference Finals.  Watch Stars-Red Wings.  Get the nitroglycerin out for your chest pains, the inhaler for your asthma.  Do it big with some burgers grilling and some Canadian beer.  Watch it on HD if you like to complain about not seeing the puck.  Get ready for some real action.  And if you thought the last two minutes of a Mavs game was exciting, you may be in for the same during, oh perhaps, the last 69 minutes of any given quadruple-overtime thriller, living and dying with every shot.

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