Mavs 97, Hornets 87

Avery must read this blog. JET gets the start, scores 22, and plays some D on Chris Paul, who maybe is human after all. Stack plays only 7 minutes, sits out the whole second half, and is not happy about it. Result = Mavs roll.

Tim McMahon beat me to it on the DMN blog…could Josh Howard have picked a worse time to bare his soul to Michael Irvin? What could he have possibly hoped to gain by doing this? Two points for honesty, I suppose. The MFFL is not happy, likely because a) Josh removed all doubt that he has a screw loose, and b) (McMahon’s point) who will take him off the Mavs’ hands now via trade?

I really can’t believe that PHX is down 3-0. The Suns are winding down, and I have to wonder if D’Antoni is at the end of his rope after this debacle – could the door be open for a Nash-Dirk reunion in Dallas in ’09-’10? What if the Mavs re-signed Kidd, sold Nash on ending his career with his best buddy, and had a two-headed point guard? Could it possibly happen? Would it even be desirable?

One thought on “Mavs 97, Hornets 87

  1. mike Post author

    I couldn’t help but think of you when I saw the starting lineup. Why does it take Avery so long to make an adjustment? Hell, why was even starting Stack in the first place?

    I can’t believe Stack is unhappy. You got the ‘W’. You admit you are still apprehensive after the injury. And, oh yeah, you’ve been playing like crap. What is there to be upset about?

    Does any Maverick respond to the home crowd better than JET?



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