Chaos theory

What the h3ll is going on here?!

The Mavs are about to head into the playoffs, in either the 7 or 8 position, to face any number of teams.  Who here can raise their hand and tell me exactly how they’re going to do?  I could see a Western Conference Championship run, and I could see a first-round exit.  I’d put even odds on either.  They were kicking @ss until they faced the daunting pacific northwest. 

The Dallas Stars started the playoffs on fire.  The Ducks were toast.  Coming home for two games with a  2-0 lead and… they fizzle in game 3.  The NHL playoffs are a total crap-shoot anyways.

The Rangers open the season on the road, hold their own and then some, get everyone all worked up (well, me at least) then come home and sweep Baltimore and… they lose the next 5 games.

My untended fantasy baseball team, not watched carefully and with guys on the real-life DL in my starting lineup… starts the season 24-1-3.  Not that you cared about that.

What’s next?  TCU Beats OU and starts the football season 11-0 only to lose the last game to Air Force at home to FUBAR their BCS dreams?  Lake Worth football goes 3-7 but wins enough district games to qualify then wins the state championship?  FC Dallas beats ManU in a friendly?  The Cowboys go 8-8, make the playoffs thanks to a Detroit loss in week 17 and then win the Super Bowl?

I’m giving up on predictions for now.  I’m just going to sit back, grab my armrest for dear life, and hang on…


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