Off the Bandwagon

After Avery’s wrongheaded decision to sit Jason Kidd during the waning seconds of a close game with the Spurs last month, I declared in private conversations to freelance mario that I was done with Avery. He has officially jumped the shark. Two years at most, I said. Subsequent events (the shouting match with Cuban, more head-scratcher coaching decisions) have shrunk that time frame even further, in my opinion – if the Mavs don’t make at least the second round of the playoffs, Avery’s gone.

Not that it took much prompting, but I now join freelance mario’s crusade to ditch Josh Howard. Too harsh, after a week of really nice games from him? No, I don’t think so. I’ve seen enough of Josh’s temper tantrums over the years – volleyball spiking the basketball into the crowd after a routine foul call and such – and tonight’s hissy fit after a poor call was not only galactically stupid, but entirely disproportionate. I didn’t see the play live, but I tuned into Chuck and Bob on 103.3 just after the play, and they kept commenting that Howard’s head was no longer in the game – he was still dwelling on the tech. After arriving back home, I caught the game highlights (lowlights?) on ESPN, and after throwing his headband and screaming in full view of the referees, I see that Josh had the temerity to argue with Avery when being reprimanded (which begs the question, Avery – why leave Josh in if he’s mental?). It wasn’t the deciding play in terms of point differential, but it essentially let the already-surging Lakers know that the mental-midget-Mavs were once again in the building. I’m sick of Josh’s immaturity. Be gone.

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