Mavs on the Brink

The lottery wishes of freelance mario may yet come true. After watching last night’s game, it’s hard to argue that the Mavs have the wherewithal to win anything from here on out. Credit the Mavs for showing some heart (they’re not tanking, to be sure), but they clearly are so shorthanded that any win is going to be extremely difficult. Consider that DAL jumped out to a 12-0 lead, but was then outscored 27-14 to close the 1st quarter and 114-92 the rest of the game. GS began burying all manner of outside jumpers and improbable shots as only GS can do, and it was lights out.

The schedule in the short run favors the Mavs, as DEN plays a home-and-home with PHX over the next two days, and GS plays at SA on Tuesday, while DAL faces the lowly Clippers tonight in LA. Figure that DEN splits, SA beats GS, DAL beats LAC, and hope that the combination of a beating by the Spurs and a back-to-back on the road will allow DAL to eke out a win at home against GS on Wednesday. This would give DAL a season series win over GS, an extension of their lead in the 2nd tiebreaker over both GS and DEN (record vs. West), and most importantly, a 2-game lead over GS as the Lakers and Suns loom on DAL’s horizon. So, a best-case scenario (which I’m sticking to, despite all logic) looks like this on Wednesday night:

7. DAL 47-28
8. DEN 46-29
9. GS 45-30

(7 games to go)

Whether or not that’s a better wish than a lottery pick is certainly worth debating.

Go Mavs. Sigh.

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