Politics is a Sport

I’m sure you’ve heard it said other places, I know I have. I just haven’t realized it until recently. After watching all of the primary coverage I’ve come to the realization that yes, politics is a sport.

In politics, there is a clear winner and loser. Primaries are much like playoffs where many candidates get whittled down to the final two that will go head to head. In fact, it looks like McCain just earned himself a bye week of sorts by winning the Republican nomination a good 6 weeks or so before savings account cash advance no fax,advance cash fax no,georgia no fax cash advanceadvance cash overnight,advance cash loan overnight,overnight cash advanceadvance cash fast loan online payday,advance cash fast loan online,cash advance loan onlineadvance cash fax hour in no,advance cash fax instant no,no fax cash advancecash advance servicesget payday cash advance fast online loan,advance cash fast get,fast cash advancenational cash advanceallied cash advanceadvance cash fast loan paydaybusiness cash advance,advance business cash unsecured,business cash advance loanloan oneclickcash paydayadvance cash loan onlineadvance america cashcash until payday loanpayday loan cash advance loanno faxing cash advance,advance cash faxing money no now,advance cash faxing loan no requiredcash advance credit card,free cash advance with credit card,cash advance from credit cardfirst cash advance,first cash advance houston tx,first choice cash advancemagnum cash advance,advance cash faxing magnumcash loan payday quickcash advance online same day,online cash advance,advance cash online requirementcash advance loan illinois,5 advance cash illinois loancash advance company,advance advance cash company heir,advance cash companypre settlement cash advance,advance cash settlement,advance cash chicago settlementadvance cash day loan payadvance cash company,scams on cash advance companycash advance payday loan softwarecash advance serviceadvance cash loan online paydayquick no fax cash advance,instant quick cash advance loan,quick cash advancecash in advancepayday cash advance,advance america cash payday,payday cash advance south dakotacash fast loan paydaysame day cash advance,same day cash advance loancash til payday loancash loan payday tiladvance cash loan payday quickadvance card cash creditcash advance no credit check,advance cash check credit no online,advance cash check credit noadvance america cash advance center inc,advance america cash company,cash advance americabad credit cash advance,cash advance loan illinois,cash advanceadvance cash faxless loan,faxless cash advance,no fax faxless cash advance payday loanpay day cash advance,advance cash day loan pay payday,advance cash cheap day paycash advance loanbudget line cash advance,advance cash line loan,advance cash on linecash advance detroitcash loan payday untilinstant cash advance,account advance bank cash instant without,instant cash advance with no faxingpayday cash loanblackjack 21 the Democrats will be able to make their decision. This will allow him to recharge and focus on the general election. Will this help McCain by allowing him to get his party behind him and focus on beating the Democrats, or will it hurt him by turning all of the media focus on the Democratic race?

The winner is often the candidate that can raise the most money. This is true in both professional and college sports (the teams with the best facilities typically win the recruiting battles, getting better players, translating to more wins).

Both are unscripted, you never know what exactly will happen the next play, or the next day. One minor gaffe can cause a campaign to collapse.

In both sports and politics, the referees should not be noticed. When they are, it tends to get ugly. Just look at “Brett Hull was in the crease”, the “Tuck Rule” and the 2000 Presidential election in Florida.

In my opinion, with both sports and politics, it is what happens away from play that is the most interesting. What move will my team make next? Which free agent will they go after? Who will John McCain choose as a running mate? Will the Dems allow the Michigan and Florida Delegates to count?

I suppose that with politics, the stakes are much higher. That almost makes it more interesting. If the wrong person gets elected, could it mean a turn in the economy, or that the country could be more or less vulnerable? If the Mavericks don’t make the right move, there is always next year.

Now, I’m not the most politically involved person. I have my issues that I’m passionate about, but you won’t see me campaigning. I don’t vote in the primaries, but do vote in the general election. However, I have been glued to CNN and political blogs, tracking every move of the races. I talk with my friends about the candidates, and complain when my candidate slips up, or comment on the different strategies employed by each campaign. I get upset when any candidate “plays dirty”.

I’m almost more excited about the competition than I am about what the final results will be. Although I’m not a Democrat, I am completely intrigued by the Democratic primary. I know I’m going to stay tuned throughout this election and the next.

2 thoughts on “Politics is a Sport

  1. mario

    Well put Mike, good analogy indeed.

    I’ve got one, though it’s not exact. This election is shaping up to be Patriots/Giants. The Dems = the Pats, that is to say, prohibitive favorites. There is so much clamor for change and a lot of vinegar towards the GOP. Many cannot make the distinction between the current administration and any other Republican. The middle third of the country is ready to move in a different direction. The Dems should win, nay, they HAVE to win this one. However, we all know who won the Super Bowl.

    Now here’s where my analogy differs. Whereas the Pats were simply outplayed by a fearless Giants team, I think in this case the Dems are coming dangerously close to self-destruction. The more vitriol, the longer this stretches out without resolution, and the possibility that the Superdelegates may overturn the will of the electorate all point to a botched run in progress. They need to get on the same page but quick, lest this end up poorly for them. And if it does, might it be time to “blow up the team?”

    -An old friend a little more to the left than some


  2. mike Post author

    I agree about the Dems imploding. As a conservative, I am really enjoying watching it unfold. Could this be the third straight election that the Dems screw up? 2000 was a tough one. There is no reason they should have lost in 2004, other than the fact that they found the weakest possible Presidential candidate.

    It is interesting to see the disenfranchisement happening on the left. First, Florida and Michigan have no say in the primary process. Secondly, the superdelegates may overturn the will of the people. Lets not forget that the reason they have the superdelegates in the first place is in case the people make a “bad decision” in the primary process.

    Party of the people indeed.



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