Still Waiting…

coachfran1.jpgIt’s a couple of days later, and still no official word on the future of Coach Fran at Texas A&M. It appears the players know that the end is near, however:

Tight end Martellus Bennett said when he sees something on ESPN .com, he usually takes it as fact.

“We all knew what was ahead anyway,” Bennett said. “I mean anybody could see it.”

When asked to clarify his comments, Bennett said, “It’s a business. It’s just like when you’re at work and all your co-workers come around telling you, ‘Hey man, the boss isn’t happy with you.’ You get your pink slip. You better watch out.

Even Stephen McGee is starting to see the reality:

“Hey, this is something that I can’t control and I don’t know the answers to,” McGee said. “I’m not involved in this matter. I’m just going to be the A&M football player my team needs me to be. I’m not going to worry about it.”

I think we’re all 100% certain that Coach Fran won’t make it past the current season. I know I’m ready to get this behind us and start looking forward.

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