Say What?

When a guarantee is not a guarantee…

Star-Telegram staff writer

IRVING — As the minutes ticked down on yet another St. Louis Rams’ loss, veteran wide receiver Isaac Bruce sat quietly on the sideline, his arms propped on the back of the bench, his aching left hamstring having retired him for the day, his bold prediction gone awry.

Bruce’s guarantee of a Rams win over the Cowboys didn’t happen Sunday at Texas Stadium.

Instead, he watched somberly as the Cowboys celebrated a 35-7 victory to remain unbeaten.

Bruce, who made the guarantee Tuesday on his weekly radio show in St. Louis, wasn’t much of a factor.

Hampered by a strained left hamstring, he caught one pass for 24 yards.

Afterward, he wasn’t ready to retract his pick.

“That’s what I truly believed,” Bruce said. “I declared a victory. I did not guarantee a victory, I declared it. I stick with my words. I still believe in my words.”

But this wasn’t a good week for such bold declarations. Miami Dolphins linebacker Jerry Porter made a similar prediction for his team’s game against the Oakland Raiders and fell woefully short as well.

The Cowboys, who outgained the Rams 502-187, weren’t amused.

“He needs to be drug tested,” Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens said of Bruce.

Kick returner Dante Hall defended his teammate.

“Isaac didn’t make a guarantee,” Hall said. “He didn’t say anything about Dallas. He just basically said we are going to be 1-3. It had nothing to do with Dallas. It had nothing to do with guaranteeing a win.

“It was more so for us. Like, ‘Look, this is how you got to think.’ You got to think you are going to be 1-3. If you don’t think you are going to be 1-3, you are going to be 0-4.”

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