Alex Rodriguez Is A 5 Year Old

Yesterday, A-Rod reached a new low in his level of maturity:

Rodriguez distracted Toronto third baseman Howie Clark by shouting at him on a key popup in the ninth inning, touching off arguments all over the field, and the Yankees beat the Blue Jays 10-5 Wednesday night.

“I just said, ‘Hah!’ That’s it,” Rodriguez said. “Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.”

According to Howie Clark,

“I heard a ‘Mine’ call and so I let it go,” Clark said. “It wasn’t Johnny Mac. What do you do? It makes you mad.”

I guess baseball is an “anything goes” kind of sport, but yelling like you are calling off a player as they are trying to make a catch seems pretty childish.  Maybe players will also start trying to knock baseballs out of peoples’ gloves by swatting at them like little girls… Oh wait, I think that’s already been done.

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