David Stern Is A Coward

What’s the matter, David, can’t you bear to look at the mess you’ve created?

“[Suns owner Robert] Sarver also said that NBA commissioner David Stern has canceled a schedule appearance in Phoenix for Wednesday night’s Game 5.”

Or are you planning to fix (pun intended) things by sending Dick Bavetta to “referee” the game?

UPDATE: On the Dan Patrick radio show today, Stern took party-line bullshit to a whole new level:

“To listen to the palaver that Robert Horry changed the series is just silly. What changed the series is Amare and Boris ran out onto the court and they either forgot about it or they couldn’t control themselves,” Stern said. “I don’t know which one. And there wasn’t an assistant coach there, one of six, to restrain them. OK, so now either we have to have new rules, put up a fence, or hire more assistant coaches.”

Yeah, real funny, asshole.

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