Sorry, But The Rule Says…

I will not waste time re-hashing the Game 5 suspensions in the Suns-Spurs series or the incident leading to them. Your own common sense can tell you what is deserved and what is not.

Stu JacksonRather, I’d like to focus on the rationale behind the suspensions given by Stu Jackson, head of NBA discipline. Jackson first discussed the unbending rule regarding leaving the bench, blah blah blah, then gave the world this head-scratcher:

“The rule is the rule. It’s not a matter of fairness. It’s a matter of correctness.”

A rule of law in which fairness and correctness are not synonymous has a major systemic problem. However, it is nice to have the head of NBA discipline on the record acknowledging that the league’s disciplinary decisions are a complete joke (confirming what we already knew). It’s no surprise that David Stern did not step in to add sanity to the whole situation, but I am surprised that he let one of his higher-ups put an admission of the league’s incompetence on the record.

Spurs nation must be fuming about the Horry suspension. Gregg Popovich is downright indignant that the Suns even had the nerve to start this whole mess!

“It was just an end-of-game foul and Steve fell down,” Popovich said before the penalties were announced. “I didn’t think it was such a big deal.”

The only good thing about this situation is that the national media is finally picking up on what basketball fans in Texas have known for a long-time: The Spurs are not, in fact, the classiest group of guys ever to grace planet Earth. They take cheap shots, they whine constantly, and they are arrogant enough to believe that people aren’t smart enough to see right through their denials. An article on the San Antonio Express-News website yesterday even quoted some Spurs fans as saying that they would not root for the Spurs for the rest of these playoffs, and considering the unusual level of devotion of Spurs fandom, that’s saying something. Since the Spurs play in a large but insignificant media market, they have been able to hide the fact that really, they pull the same dirty tricks as most of the teams in this league. A big thank you to the national media for helping shatter the walls of the Spurs’ glass house.

One thought on “Sorry, But The Rule Says…

  1. mike Post author

    I am amazed at the league’s decisions over the past couple of days. First, they let Harrington’s clothesline on Okur slide. Then, San Antonio benefits from Robert Horry checking Steve Nash into a table, all because a couple of guys walk 10-15 feet away from their bench. Of course, when Tim Duncan walks out on to the court in a similar situation, no penalty is given.



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