The Dunkin’ Deutschman

64396933.jpgI heard a bit of this on the Musers this morning. In his last 10 playoff games, Dirk is averaging 21 points on 40% shooting. In 7 of these games, he has scored below his scoring average.

According to Chris Ballard,

Before Game 4, a Warriors coach told me the staff thought Nowitzki was scared of Jackson; he certainly looked it.

I must say that after watching the series, I agree. How many superstars do you see looking scared in the playoffs? Steve Nash? Kobe? LeBron? I just don’t think Dirk has it in him.

Charlie Rosen also had some harsh words:

In truth, the all-time goat of goats has to be Nowitzki. The No-man failed to hit a shot until the fading seconds (38.7 to be exact) of the first half — and his overall lack of production was pathetic. Of course Nowitzki was also passive on defense, but for him that constitutes Standard Operating Procedure and hardly mattered.

5 Mavericks had more points than Dirk last night, including, as Chris mentioned earlier, Maurice Ager.

Watching the game with Doug last night, he mentioned that this will be the most memorable part of this years playoffs. 10 years from now, few will remember who won the Finals. Everyone will remember the choke-job the Mavericks had in the first round. Next year, the Mavericks can win 75 games, and no-one will even bat an eye.

Bob Sturm put it well:

Dirk. How? How is this even possible? I have never seen such a shrink-to-the-occasion as we saw last night. To see Baron Davis dominate him for 2 straight weeks was shocking on many levels, and the final chapter surely did not improve anything as Baron played on 1 leg, Dirk played with 0 heart. Please, please, please, please don’t let him win the MVP next week. Please, please, please spare us that embarrassment!

Time to see what Norm has to say…

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