Well, congratulations to Nellie and the Golden State Warriors. This morning, the Musers observed that they have never seen a basketball team collectively get so hot at one time. One player yes, but an entire squad, no. Golden State’s three-point shooting over the past two games has been nothing short of astounding. The overall percentage itself isn’t as ridiculous as I would have been expected…it’s the timeliness of the shots that has absolutely destroyed the Mavericks. Steven Jackson going 7-7 from downtown to start Game 6 was…well, I’m running out of superlatives. I’m not sure that Mavericks could have done anything to guard him. For whatever is left of the Mavericks’ dignity, I hope that Dirk was right when he said that this is the best 8th seed the NBA has ever seen, and that the Warriors go far in these playoffs.

Speaking of Dirk, about the only thing that went right for him tonight was that Avery subbed him out early, allowing him to escape, if only for a few minutes, the absolute misery of Game 6. Another way of looking at it is that he was outscored by Mo Ager. Where can Dirk go from here? Where do the Mavericks go from here? How does Avery recover from the tactical errors he has made in the last two weeks? This will be a very, very long offseason.

2 thoughts on “Post-Mortem

  1. mike Post author

    I’m still amazed. It was pretty clear that Golden State was the better team. Their ability to hit everything they put up was incredible.

    Dirk did say that he may want to work on his post-game this off-season. How long have Mavericks fans been waiting for that? 6 years? 7 years?



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