You Stay Classy, D-Wade

Saw this on TV after the Heat were swept, then found it in print to confirm it. D-Wade, after a title defense that lasted exactly four games, still had the stones to take a backhanded slap at the Baby Bulls. It’s almost hidden behind the praise he’s giving them…but it’s there.

“They were the better team,” Wade said. “They won. We’re not into what they were doing last year, saying they should have won. … They beat us fair and square. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it.”

I don’t remember any of the Bulls’ remarks after last year’s series, but I would imagine that they were similar to Dirk’s comments that drove Dwyane into his infamous snit earlier this season. Enough already, Dwyane…we understand that you are the paragon of accountability and sportsmanship. That’s why you seem to be able to escape criticism for taking whiny potshots at teams that just handed you your ass, or why no one bats an eye when you compare your return from injury to the resurrection of Jesus. But your season is now done…so shut the hell up.

One thought on “You Stay Classy, D-Wade

  1. mike Post author

    Is there any sport where the superstars whine more than in the NBA? It’s getting tiresome. You lost, you have no excuse. Be the better man. Congratulate your opponent, then ride off in your wheelchair.



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