Game 6 Suspensions?

ESPN reports that the NBA is reviewing three incidents from Game 5 of the Dallas-Golden State series last night. If history is any indication, the net result could be to the advantage of the Mavericks.

NBA Commissioner David Stern said that the punishment meted out to Steven Jackson after his Game 2 ejection did not take into account his prior offenses. However, he warned that his past would be taken into account should another incident take place. Well, Jackson wasted little time in testing Stern’s resolve, as he was ejected in the waning seconds last night. Stern already fined Jackson $50,000. Could a suspension be next?

ESPN details what little is known about the incident between Jason Richardson and a fan in the fourth quarter. Regardless of the provocation, if Richardson did in fact strike a fan, he’ll be gone for the rest of the series. Remember, D.J. Mbenga was suspended for six games for going into the stands in Phoenix last year, and as I recall, there was no accompanying report of physical violence on Mbenga’s part. The barrier between the players and fans has reached an almost sacred level thanks to the Palace brawl, and Richardson needs to look no further than his buddy Steven Jackson if he’s wondering who to thank for that.

Finally…Jet, Jet, Jet. When will you ever learn? When I saw the replay of Jet’s takedown of Baron Davis, the first thing out of my mouth was, “He’ll be suspended for Game 6.” And if he is, he deserves it. Terry showed an ability to knock down some huge shots in the epic Spurs-Mavs series last year, but has a disturbing tendency to play dirty when things get gritty.

Suppose all three are suspended, for a moment, which I think is entirely possible, if all this information is correct. The Mavs insert Stackhouse for Terry, and move along fairly unaffected. Meanwhile, GS loses 2 of the 3 players who have absolutely killed the Mavs this series. Advantage Dallas.

Update at 5/2/2007 3:56 pm by mike:

It looks like Stephen Jackson is off the hook.

NBA spokesman Tim Frank said Wednesday that the league will take no action against Jackson for what happened in the closing moments of Game 5, when he was tossed with 8.9 seconds left in a 118-112 loss, or for his mounting ejections.

The league is, however, looking into an apparent incident involving Golden State’s Jason Richardson and a fan late in the fourth quarter.

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