Cuban Rebuts fld!

Ok, not directly, but I did pick up this nugget from the DMN Mavs blog:

Cuban won’t make big changes

Mark Cuban squashed speculation that he might blow up the Mavs if they can’t come back to win this series.

“This is not a team to blow up,” Cuban said. “This is not a team where you need a lot of changes. You always have to get better to keep up with the league.”

Cuban also made it clear that Dirk (14 points, 4-11 FG, seven boards in first half) will stick around as the Mavs’ superstar, rough series or not.

“You guys said the same thing when we’re playing Houston,” he said, referring to criticism of Dirk. “Anytime we fall down or something doesn’t go right, it’s always what’s up with Dirk. I’ll take what’s up with Dirk, everytime. I stay through thick and thin, every time. The fact you’re able to ask questions about him means he’s taken that responsibility any number of times and [never] shirked it. That’s the kind of guy you want.”

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