Much Better

Hopefully the Dallas Mavericks have righted the ship against Golden State, beating Nellie’s Warriors by a score of 112-99. Once the Mavs started to extend their lead in the 3rd quarter, Golden State quickly unraveled. Baron Davis was ejected at the end of the 3rd quarter, and Stephen Jackson was later ejected with 4:34 left in the game. Lets hope Dallas can keep it going in game 3.

Avery again made the right adjustments by starting the traditional lineup, rather than falling into the trap of playing small-ball. In game 1, Diop and Dampier played a combined 18:22. In game 2, it was 41:22. Dallas also decided that they would go ahead and run with Golden State. It worked with Dallas and Golden state each notching 38 fast break points.

On a disappointing note, Dirk was again off to a slow start. Avery actually sat him for about 7 minutes early. The result was a 23 point, 7 rebound outing. Not quite an MVP game, but better than 14 points on 4/16 shooting. I was just happy to see him play aggressive, rather than the tentativeness he had in game 1.

Josh Howard continued to be the best player for the Mavericks with 22 points and 11 rebounds. He really seems to shine at playoff time.

If the Mavs can continue to play their game, they should be able to win the series in 6. I think Dallas just needed to get the monkey off of their back, and prove to themselves that they can beat Golden State. Now it’s just a matter of whether Nellie has another rabbit he can pull out of the hat.

On a non-Mavericks note, does Reggie Miller actually speak English? Are color commentators really this bad? At one point he talked about how the Warriors play “more chippier”. I can’t even count the times that he was unable to form a sentence in subject-verb-predicate form. He mentioned that in the NCAA tourney, the #1 seed plays the #15 seed, and had numerous other errors. He also completely missed the fact that Baron Davis was the instigator of the melee that led to his first technical.

2 thoughts on “Much Better

  1. chris Post author

    After Game 2, I think the Mavs will be fine. I didn’t feel confident about that heading in.

    Some columnists up here (LeBreton, Sherrington) have been criticizing the NBA refs again…this time for the ejection of Baron Davis. It’s a reaction to what happened with Duncan up here (another topic entirely), but I don’t understand this at all. Davis was clearly a major player in the scrum that lead to technicals for him, Jackson and Diop. Later in the 3rd, I was honestly surprised that Davis didn’t get another T and an ejection after his fourth foul (which was clearly the right call), when he jumped up and down, stomped both of his feet and waved his arms at the official, all the while yelling. Instead, after foul five, Davis yet again vehemently disputed a rather apparent foul and intentionally showed up the ref while still on the floor. Brian Estridge on ESPN radio up here was incredulous that Davis could be ejected for clapping. Come on, Brian…it was obviously not clapping to get the Warriors fired up, as Davis later claimed…and it was easy to see the heave-ho coming, even for Don Nelson, who didn’t protest the ejection and was seen telling Davis, “don’t do that,” just moments before he was thrown out. I wonder if the media up here feels some sort of need to represent DFW in a non-whining fashion to cover up for Cuban’s shenanigans. Speaking of Mark, he’s been very silent, and mostly invisible, though it does help when TNT decides NOT to show a replay of his reaction to every call.

    I say Mavs in six.


  2. chris Post author

    Is it too late to change it from Mavs in six?

    Can’t say I was expecting Dallas to throw up its dress in the first half. This is very worrisome.



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