Oh My…

Don NelsonI suppose the good news for the Dallas Mavericks is that they really can’t play any worse than they did in their disappointing 97-85 Loss to the Warriors. I’m just worried that Don Nelson and the Warriors are in their heads now. Nellie’s mind games have been working their magic against Dallas, as he is now 4-0 against the Mavs.

Watching the game, the Mavs seemed tight throughout, most notably Dirk Nowitzki (4/16 from the field). Stack was also disappointing with 5 turnovers and no points. Pointing out two players hardly seems fair, however, when the team as a whole shot only 35% from the field. Offensively they were completely out of sync and seemed to press.

On the defensive side, there is no shame in holding Golden State to 95 points. However, it didn’t help that they allowed Baron Davis to score 19 points in the 3rd quarter (Thats 1.1 points less than his average per game).

Avery needs to get this team to loosen up a bit. I know they are on a mission, but if they continue to play like this, it could be over before it even gets started.

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