Dallas Fails Again

The Cotton Bowl Board has voted to move its annual New Year’s Day bowl game to Jerryworld beginning in 2010.

It appears that Dallas has decided to further cement its status as a suburb of Arlington. What a complete failure of a city.


One Dallas City Councilman is blaming Jerry Jones:

Bill Blaydes, chairman of Dallas City Council’s economic development and housing committee, blamed the venue shift on Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who decided in 2004 not to build a new stadium in Fair Park – his stated first choice.

“One individual had the ability to destroy 70 years of history,” Mr. Blaydes said. “He knew what he was doing when he did it.”

Dallas, you had your chance. Jerry wanted to build in Dallas, and you refused to help. I’m not one to support public finance of stadiums. I’m also not one to blame the owner of the team for leaving if someone else offers to subsidize your endeavor.

If you want the the Dallas Cowboys, the Cotton Bowl, and Texas/OU in your city that bad, you should chip in.

One thought on “Dallas Fails Again

  1. mike Post author

    It’s only a matter of time before Texas/OU follows suit. Is Laura Miller still planning on investing more money in the structure?

    At least they still have the Mavs and the Stars.



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