The Dwyane Wade Rules

Dwyane Wade Not Fouling Shane BattierWe all remember the Jordan rules. Now it appears to be the Dwyane Wade Rules. Last night, Dwyane took a swipe at the ball as Shane Battier was holding it, except he hit Battier’s arm and hand with such force that he separated his own shoulder. According to Sports Illustrated:

Wade, who scored 27 points, was playing defense when his left arm collided with Houston’s Shane Battier and awkwardly stretched back.

I would think in normal circumstances that if a player were to hit another player with enough force to injure themselves, that a foul would be called. Was it called in this case? Of course not.

Click on the picture to see a close-up. Notice Wade’s fingers. That had to hurt.

Youtube goodness after the jump.

3 thoughts on “The Dwyane Wade Rules

  1. chris Post author

    And Pat Riley’s bid to become the greatest frontrunner in the history of all sports is derailed.

    Visit this site for a great editorial about Wade’s injury:

    I had never thought about the absurdity of DWade’s Converse slogan until I read this article.



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