Gator Anger Management Issues

Yes, by now the sports world has seen Joakim Noah’s swipe at the Kentucky Cheerleader, as well as his antics with Vanderbilt Coach Kevin Stallings, but Gator teammate Brandon Powell aparently felt the need to up the ante by assaulting a fan with a cheap shot punch.

YouTube goodness after the jump.

The best look is the wide angle slow-motion replay near the end of the clip.

That Vandy fan will think twice the next time he considers rushing the court instead of quietly returning to the campus library.

5 thoughts on “Gator Anger Management Issues

  1. Rob

    First of all, I don’t even see a punch in the video. All I see is Powell getting pushed by some idiot.

    Second, and more fundamentally, Powell is in the midst of hundreds of people rushing the court. I think he has the right to protect himself to allow him to get the hell off the court. I’m not saying he should start throwing haymakers (and, again, according to this video, I don’t see him doing that), but he’s entitled to do a little pushing and shoving to avoid getting stuck in a mosh pit of opposing fans.

    And, no, I’m not a Florida fan.


  2. Will

    Powell went into the crowd rather than the opposite direction. Props to Donovan for getting his starters out, especially Noah, since some drunken fans might have been dumb enough to start something with Noah or Horford.


  3. doug Post author

    Rob – Watch the wide angled shot at the end. Look to the left part of the image, highlighted by a small white line.

    Powell clearly socks the fan and the fan tumbles to the court.


  4. mike Post author

    At first I didn’t see the hit either. After Doug pointed it out, it’s pretty clear that Powell turns, punches a guy, and the guy falls back several feet.



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