NFL Refused Border Patrol Super Bowl Ad

According to a Washington Times article, the NFL appears to be very worried about upsetting those in the US illegally, not to mention those crazy Futbol Americano fans south of the border. The league refused to run a straightforward ad for a federal law enforcement agency during the Super Bowl.

The National Football League refused to run a recruitment ad for the U.S. Border Patrol in last week’s Super Bowl program, saying it was “controversial” because it mentioned duties such as fighting terrorism and stopping drugs and illegal aliens at the border.

“The ad that the department submitted was specific to Border Patrol, and it mentioned terrorism. We were not comfortable with that,” said Greg Aiello, a spokesman for the NFL. “The borders, the immigration debate is a very controversial issue, and we were sensitive to any perception we were injecting ourselves into that.”

The ad ran elsewhere without incident:

Other major leagues have had no problems running the ad, a Border Patrol spokesman said. It has been accepted to run in programs for the upcoming NBA All Star Game and the NCAA Final Four, as well as in Pro BullRider magazine, the spokesman said.

(Yes, Pro BullRider magazine just got mentioned alongside the Final Four and NBA All Star Game. How the spokesman thought that would bolster his argument, I’m not sure)

In any case, kudos to the NFL. Never let the laws of the country that affords your business its blessings get in the way of marketing to important demographics, I say. I also applaud the league for their extreme concern about the evils of offshore gambling, but rightful indifference to the importance of secure borders.

4 thoughts on “NFL Refused Border Patrol Super Bowl Ad

  1. doug Post author

    That’s presumably the print version that ran in the widely circulated Pro BullRider (damn postman probably stole my copy again), and not the TV version.



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