The World Wide Leader

I know ESPN bashing has become the thing to do, and I hate to follow what everyone else is saying, but I am finally finished with the World Wide Leader.

It was interesting to see this article about ESPN this morning.

You try so hard to be ahead of the short-attention-span audience that you leave behind those who crave substance and information over garish animation and effects. That mid-“SportsCenter” music video is when many viewers wander off to purge their morning bran muffin and 40 ounces of coffee.

Just last night I was watching SportsCenter, and I realized that I am officially done with ESPN. Other than watching live events, I’m not sure what they’re good for anymore.

The last straw for me was the amount of time they spent talking about Andy Reid, specifically about his children’s indiscretions. I don’t have a problem with them mentioning Reid’s leave of absence, and even mentioning that he is using this time to help his children who have gotten into trouble. But, putting a graphic on the screen listing the names, ages, and specifics of what his children have done? Isn’t that going a bit too far?

I have no problem with talking about athletes when they get in trouble. Afterall, a professional athlete has chosen to live a life in the media. But spending time airing a coach’s childrens’ dirty laundry? That is too much, at least for me.

Add that to the fact that ESPN has become too arrogant, acting as if they are the only reporters in the room:

…when a correspondent attends a news conference, he or she shouldn’t start a story by announcing, “Mike Holmgren just told me …,” when there were 50 reporters in the room hearing the same thing.

Then, there is the fact that their bits have become too contrived. I realize that schtick helped to them where they are now, but they have become a commercialized parody of what they once were. They’ve gotten full of themselves. Instead of reporting the news, Stuart Scott wants to be part of the news, kissng up and hobnobbing with professional athletes.

Looks like it is time to find a new site for my sports news. Any recommendations?

2 thoughts on “The World Wide Leader

  1. StrangeHeather

    I don’t really have a good site to suggest, but just be careful what you wish for. Their virtual monopoly on carrying any game they want means that if their ratings suffer the games you want to watch may not get picked up. It may be a package deal — schamltzy “news” and great live sports visual coverage (we can talk about the commentators another day).


  2. mike Post author

    Yes, their production value is great, but don’t get me started on the guys in the booth. I’ll keep watching televised events, but as for SportsCenter, PTI, etc, I’m done.



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