Eli Manning Needs An Escort?

Eli ManningAccording to Girls Gone Sports, the former proprieter of NY Confidential, an escort service that used to be in New York City, was on The Opie and Anthony Radio show yesterday morning. They prodded at him to drop the name of a celebrity who used to frequent his um… services. While he would not drop a name, he did say that

one of his former clients is a famous New York area quarterback with a brother who may have been in the Superbowl recently.

Just a bit shocking, don’t you think? I figured the starting Quarterback for the New York Giants could get his own women, especially if his dance moves are anything like his brother’s.

One thought on “Eli Manning Needs An Escort?

  1. doug Post author

    Two thoughts that probably rolled around Eli’s head in between bad reads and overthrows of Jeremy Shockey:

    1) He didn’t pay for the sex. He paid her to leave.

    2) New York women are a serious downgrade for a guy that was used to the talent at Ole Miss.



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