Dirk Responds

Dirk NowitzkiDirk Nowitzki has finally responded to the Dwyane Wade comments mentioned in the previous post.

“All I said two weeks ago when we played them was, we feel like we gave them the championship. We had a 2-0 lead, we were up 10 with a couple of minutes left in Game 3. If we win that Game 3, we have a chance to close the series out. That’s really all I said, and I don’t know why he got all sensitive about it.”

Dwyane’s response was pretty ridiculous. I thought he was above taking shots at other players via the media. He seemed to better than that, but I guess I was wrong.

When asked if he was surprised by the comments, Dirk replied:

“I really don’t care. Hopefully, we’ll get a rematch and we’ll go from there.”

I doubt they get the rematch, as the great leader Dwyane Wade is currently leading his team to a losing record, which somehow has them in the 8th seed in the East. Meanwhile, Dirk is taking the Mavs to the best record in the NBA, and the 8th best record after 50 games in the history of the NBA.

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