Simmons on Texas A&M’s Bill Simmons, one of my favorite columnists, has started following college hoops more closely this season, primarily because his Celtics are in the running for the Durant-Oden sweepstakes. In any case, Simmons tuned in to the A&M – t.u. game on Monday evening to scout Durant, and came away impressed with the Aggies:

Watch out for Texas A&M next month. Looking at the March Madness checklist, the Aggies have an up-and-coming coach (Gillespie), a terrific point guard (Law), multiple three-point shooters and a specific identity (defense and speed). And they’re the kind of team nobody would pick if they didn’t know anything — imagine seeing Texas A&M on a bracket as a 2-seed? If you didn’t know any better, you’d pick them to get shocked in the first two rounds, right? Consider yourself warned.

Simmons also had nice things to say about Coach Gillispie (going so far as to call Coach Gillispie vs. t.u.’s Rick Barnes a “mismatch”), Acie Law, Antanas Kavaliauskas, and Josh Carter.

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