Mom… Dad… I Want A Bigger Allowance!

When I was a kid, I hated doing my chores, but loved getting the allowance I earned. I seem to recall getting a few greenbacks from the folks as early as four or five years old, though I think it helped that I noticed my older sister getting cash on a regular basis. Naturally, I wanted my piece of the action, too.

If the experts in this article are to believed, it turns out my parents had the right idea to start me on an allowance early.

While I liked the regular influx of spending power my allowance provided, it always seemed a little on the small side. And it turns out I may have been on the money (rimshot) in that regard.

The problem is that most parents resist giving children an allowance and, if they do, they usually give the children too little. If the allowance isn’t large enough for children to experiment with — to make mistakes with — it won’t have the learning effect you’d like it to have.

So there you have it, kids. Tell your folks they need to raise your allowance for educational purposes.

One thought on “Mom… Dad… I Want A Bigger Allowance!

  1. mike Post author

    I saw the same article earlier on I sounds like an interesting idea. If the wife agrees, maybe we can try it out in a few years.



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