Billy Effing Gillispie

He’s the Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Texas A&M, and what he’s done over the past three years is only slightly behind USA 4 – USSR 3 on the scale of sports miracles. In the 2003-2004 season Texas A&M went 0-16 in Big XII play and the program was regarded as a college basketball wasteland. Today, the Aggies are 20-3 on the year, #6 in the nation, and sit alone atop the Big XII standings with an 8-1 mark.

Check out this podcast from Coach Gillispie’s appearance today on ESPN Radio. For you Cowboys fans out there, there’s even a somewhat odd question relating to The Tuna.

Coach Gillispie’s Fightin’ Texas Aggies are also getting a lot of notice on the sports blog intrawebs.

Oh, and for the record, his middle name is ‘Clyde’.

6 thoughts on “Billy Effing Gillispie

  1. mike Post author

    When the season ends, Bill Byrne (TAMU’s Athletic Director) better open up the checkbook and make Billy one of the top 5 paid coaches in the nation. What he has done is incredible.


  2. mike Post author

    They had him on yesterday, I only caught the end of it. It’s pretty amazing that National signing day comes by, and I don’t even care.

    At the game vs. Texas, the crowd was jacked up, a timeout was called. Over the loudspeaker, the announcer yelled “And now welcome Coach Fran and the A&M Football team”. Almost all life force left the crowd. It was a confusing moment. Do I cheer the players or do I get depressed because Coach Fran is still here?


  3. chris Post author


    I’ll do my best to put up a National Signing Day post later today. Not sure I’ll be in the mood, since the sky is falling in for Notre Dame.



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