Sure, Manu…

Last night, I made this brief entry while watching the Spurs and Suns square off:

11:35 PM CST: Seriously, did Manu just kick Stoudemire in the crotch while driving for a layup?

Fortunately, we now have a summary of the whole mess on

Stoudemire’s eventful evening included a technical foul after a collision with Manu Ginobili with 9:07 remaining. Ginobili drove toward the basket, leaped to shoot and caught Stoudemire in the groin with a knee as Stoudemire delivered a hand to the Spurs guard’s face.

“I think they’re on purpose,” Stoudemire said of Ginobili’s leading knees. “He’s a flopper and likes to cause contact.” Said Ginobili, “I think I was in motion before he came. I had of course no intention of hurting anybody.”

We all know Manu plays a clean and honest game, right?   Gag me.

One thought on “Sure, Manu…

  1. steve

    This is the type of class one can expect a member of the Spurs to demonstrate. Keep in mind he plays on a team with Eric Williams(a guy who developed a clothing line based on historic teams that he made up himself), overrated extraordinaire Tony parker, and a guy with the name of Matt Bonner. Stay Classy San Antonio



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