NBA Trade Deadline

If the Mavericks were to pick up one player before the Feb. 22 deadline, give me Mike Miller of the Memphis Grizzlies. Take this with a grain of salt, since I just finished watching him nearly singlehandedly win the game against Dallas last night with a barrage of deep 4th quarter 3-pointers, but still, the man can play, and he’s always impressed me when I’ve seen him.

Rumors say that Pau Gasol can be had, but I’m not even sure he’s the best player on the Grizzlies. Miller, the 2005-2006 Sixth Man Of The Year, is shooting 42% from beyond the arc this year, and 40% for his career. His career rebounding average (4.5) leaves something to be desired, but one would think that a little motivation from Avery Johnson could change that.

I doubt the Mavs will make any moves in the next three weeks. But I’d love to see them explore an acquisition of Miller in the offseason. He’ll be 27 in two weeks, and would be a nice addition to the younger core of the Mavericks along with Harris and Howard.

7 thoughts on “NBA Trade Deadline

  1. mike Post author

    Was Paul Miller the one who hit the three while standing on the hash mark? That was insane. Saying that, I’m pretty comfortable with what we have right now, and really wouldn’t want to do anything to screw up the chemistry.


  2. Will Jung

    I would take Mike Miller, if we could show him a nice barber shop in Dallas. I mean Dirk has long hair but he does not look like a girl. You should not have to use something to keep the hair out of your eyes.


  3. mike Post author

    While watching the game last night, I was actually thinking that Mike Miller’s haircut should be discussed on BaD radio’s gay or not gay. It was definitely worse than Sean Payton’s use of the headband to keep his ears warm in Chicago.



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