Replacing The Tuna

Ever since Bill Parcells retired, Jerry Jones seems to be doing everything out of whack.  First, he hires a new offensive coordinator, Jason Garrett.  Garrett was hired to help groom Tony Romo.  Then, he begins his head coach search, where the front-runner appears to be Norv Turner, whom they want to hire to groom Tony Romo.  Why they need to hire 2 coaches to groom Romo is a bit beyond me.

Apparently, since Troy Aikman is on board with the hirings, most other people are as well.  The local media seems to be on board because they are friendly with Norv Turner, and can call him up on his cell when news breaks.

It seems as if Jerry is trying to get back to the good old days when they won three Super Bowls in the mid-nineties.  Personally, I don’t think Norv is a bad hire, I’m just wondering where the big names are.  This is supposed to be one of the premiere coaching jobs in the country.  Right now the candidates include Wade Phillips, Mike Singletary, Gary Gibbs, and if they can’t find someone, Jason Garrett would be promoted.  No big names there.

Is Jerry mismanaging the process, or has he turned the franchise into something that big names would not want to coach?  It seemed as if he and Bill got along well, and Bill was able to get what ever he wanted (The exception being T.O.).  Did Jerry get tired of not getting the credit (or blame)?  Is he really trying to get back to the days where he ran the show?

Who knows, maybe Jerry could just coach the team himself.

3 thoughts on “Replacing The Tuna

  1. chris Post author

    The order is out of whack, but I think the plan is correct. Jerry alluded to having only a 48-hour window to interview Garrett, and he wanted to lock up a rising young coach, so I don’t really fault him there. And if the plan was to bring in Norv Turner all along, Jones would have known that Turner had tried to hire Garrett to his staff when he was head coach of the Raiders, and therefore would have known that it would be a good fit.

    I don’t there can be too many influences on Romo. I see no problem with Garrett and Turner (and Aikman, unofficially) all imparting their wisdom; the more, the better. Look at USC – Sarkisian and Kiffin both ran the offense, and Chow was with them prior to that…worked out well for them.

    I would also add that I imagine it’s embarrassing for Mike Singletary right now, knowing that he’s being brought in to satisfy an affirmative-action rule.

    I support Norv Turner for head coach of the Cowboys.

    The only big names that ever made sense to me were Bill Cowher and Jeff Fisher. The latter just signed a contract extension, and I imagine that the former was Jerry’s Plan A, and that he viewed Parcells as a one-year bridge to Cowher. I think the Tuna leaving was more of a kick in the crotch to Owner Jones than he’ll ever let on.


  2. mike Post author

    Interesting theory on Parcells being a bridge to Cowher. He would be a great hire, but everyone knows he just wants some time off. If Jerry hires Norv (and I’m not opposed to it) he will have to stay for several years. I just hope he can be more successful here than his previous stints.

    As another note, imagine that in your tenure as a head coach in the NFL that your bosses were Daniel Snyder, Al Davis, and Jerry Jones.


  3. chris Post author

    Someone else mentioned the “bridge to Cowher” theory…can’t remember whom.

    I enjoyed Babe Laufenberg’s comment in Jim Reeves’ column today that the Raiders are “no longer a real NFL franchise,” or something to that effect.



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