Recruiting: Team Rankings

National Signing Day is approaching on February 7. The usual last-minute de-commits and re-commits have begun. Today, news broke that San Antonio Churchill quarterback Nick Fanuzzi switched his oral commitment from Miami to Alabama, and Allen quarterback Nathan Dick de-committed from Rice to go play with his brother Casey, also a quarterback, at Arkansas. Arkansas, of course, has a big hole at that position since highly-touted 2006 QB recruit Mitch Mustain asked for, and was granted, his release from his scholarship. The linked article speculates that Mustain will follow his former offensive coordinator, Gus Malzahn, who left Arkansas after one year to take the same position at the University of Tulsa. Malzahn, of course, was Mustain’s high school coach, and came to Arkansas with Mustain as a package deal. And as if this story needed more twists and turns, Mustain has now re-enrolled in spring classes at Arkansas despite no longer being on scholarship.

The links below will allow us to keep an eye on fluctuating recruiting rankings as Signing Day approaches:



Obviously, Notre Dame’s ranking pleases me, though there is still recruiting work left to be done on the defensive side of the ball. Hopeully, the coaching staff, buoyed by new defensive coordinator Corwin Brown, can make up some of the deficit by getting some early commits for the class of 2008. On the offensive side of the ball, though, the Irish have loaded up with some major talent in the last two classes, and should be able to put on a show by the 2008 season.

EDIT: Notre Dame’s ranking will take a hit with Justin Trattou switching his oral commitment to the Gators (1/25/07).

Bad news for the Ags today: running back Shawnbrey McNeal (Dallas Madison) has switched his oral commitment to Miami, leaving Texas A&M with only one known running back commit for 2007.

Finally, I’ve been continually updating the UNT post below. There has been a new commitment to the Mean Green announced each day this week in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Clearly, Dodge isn’t beating out the big Texas schools for recruits, but some of the players this week have chosen UNT over other Big 10 and Big 12 schools. Dodge is basically putting together an all-star team of Texas high school seniors, and I am excited about getting to see a few games next year. I’ll keep updating each the post with links to the individual news articles about each player.

3 thoughts on “Recruiting: Team Rankings

  1. Steve Burt

    Good Start, just remember Shakespeare didn’t write Romeo and Juliet in one sitting, Nietzche went crazy, Poe was psychotic, and Hunter S. Thompson shot himself. Here’s to becoming a great writer.
    ! But for Cereal, you guys should go public and let everyone know you are the greatest thing out of Notre Dame since Jebus. If you deem me worthy, I could contribute a few entries.


  2. Kevin

    This is a joke. He’s given scholarships to players that Texas A&M, Tarleton State, and Texas State were fighting for. Sad.

    Also, when a list of schools appears with a recruits name, it doesn’t mean those schools have offered them a scholarship yet. Many Dodge signed were not offered by the schools listed with them. Basically, it came down to UNT or nothing/I-AA/Division II for most of the Mean Green 2007 class.


  3. chris Post author

    Kevin, I specifically said that UNT was not beating out big Texas schools. But they did get some of the area top 50 and state top 100 recruits, not only kids with no other options, as you claim. In the past, yes, but not this year. Vizza, the QB, switched his commitment to UNT from Nevada (not a BCS school, but from a bigger conference for sure). Scoggins cancelled a visit to Iowa State to sign with UNT…don’t know if he had an offer in hand from Iowa St., but would think that he at least had an indication of interest from them. Another commit (can’t remember whom) picked UNT over Iowa. I believe one of the JUCO transfers had offers from bigger schools, and Fentriss transferred out of a DI program with a pretty good passing offense (Rice) to come to UNT.

    The main point of the post was that Dodge is getting some top kids from very successful high school programs to come and play for him. If he is indeed beating A&M for talent, as you say, that would be quite a feat. Which recruit were you referring to?

    Nobody’s saying that Dodge is out-recruiting the big boys. It’s obvious that the Southland Conference is not a big recruiting draw. But he will give TCU and SMU some competition, and occasionally jump up and get a bigger name than UNT has ever had before…and in the Southland Conference, he should be very successful…far from your assessment that his recruiting class is “sad.”



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