The Purpose of freelance dogs

Well, we haven’t done a very good job of posting to the blog, so I thought I would throw out a question.  What is the purpose of freelance dogs?  Is it a sports blog?  A politics blog?  Do we just wait to see where it takes us to determine what type of blog we want it to be?  I personally think it should focus on the sports issues of the day.  Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “The Purpose of freelance dogs

  1. Chris Post author

    1) We need a way to show who makes each post, first of all.

    2) A sports blog is fine with me. My areas of expertise are somewhat limited though.


  2. Mike Post author

    I’ll look in to adding the name of the poster. I agree on that. As far as direction, I just want to make sure that the blog isn’t all over the place.



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